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Plugin localization
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Prepare the plugin so it can be translated using WordPress' localization tool. See

Investigating how parallel translation on TWN could work will be explored in T288574

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SBisson triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 9 2021, 12:52 PM
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First step towards localization:

Update is we gave that first step a try and now we have a way to translate our plugin README text via This is what shows up in our plugin page, so we’re talking about translating

I’m planning to translate to spanish next but wanted to touch base here as far as next steps. One option is to create a separate ticket for plugin strings (beyond README) once Gutenberg PRs start getting merged. There’s still research to do regarding how TWN plays into all of this.

Once localization support is in place, and it is now, keeping the plugin translatable is part of everything we do, not a distinct effort. This means that every code change introducing strings have to do it the right way to ensure those strings are translatable. Just like we've been doing for other products. In other words, the current Gutenburg PR has to start using the right i18n functions instead of hardcoded English text. I'll comment on the PR as well.

I think it's OK to extract TWN integration into a new task since that may be challenging and we may or may not end up doing it.

Translating the readme content into Spanish is not part of this task but it is greatly appreciated.

As of today still does not show the README content in spanish, but if I understand this correctly, it means that spanish translations are waiting to be confirmed by a human somewhere. This is all good learning, will keep an eye on it


As far as I can tell, the work here is done: the plugin is localizable. Some of us have used the Wordpress tool to add es, pt and fr translations.

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I don't understand this waiting status, who's it waiting for?

it's been like that for a long time

I'm investigating how we can request reviews of the translation we proposed and possibly nominate some official translators for the plugin.

Let's keep this task here until we can close the loop and see the translations on the plugin page.

An experienced translator did the fr_FR. You can see it here:

That's good enough for me to conclude that it's working as expected.

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We now have the plugin in over 14 languages!