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Evaluate doing Android performance test using a Raspberry Pi
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Let's test what kind of stability and how much work it is to continuously run tests on Android, driving the tests using a Raspberry Pi.

We need to test running tests on Chrome, Firefox reverse tethering the traffic and also test running WebPageReplay on the Raspberry Pi.

As first step we need to make sure we can run the tests:

  • Build Chromedriver for ARM
  • Build Geckodriver for ARM
  • Build WebPageReplay for ARM

Then let's run a couple of different tests for a week or so and continuously send the metrics to our Graphite instance. Then we can tune and see what we can do as a next step.

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Needs T278172 to be able to move on.

I've shared the Raspberry Pi image for the setup, so if we ever want to do this again, it's done.