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Build Geckodriver for Raspberry Pi
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One of the cool things with Geckodriver is that it is not tied to a specific Firefox version (meaning we do not need to install it per Firefox version). We can probably use one of the available builds, however there's has been changes in Geckodriver that has been breaking for Android (see I think to be sure we should make sure we can build our own version.

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dpifke added a subscriber: dpifke.

firefox-geckodriver is in Ubuntu, but I'm not finding it via apt-cache in Debian.

Debian, per, points users to download binaries (and/or Flatpak and/or Snap packages) directly from Mozilla. There's some history, which may be why they don't provide .debs.

I'll see if the Ubuntu Geckodriver package can be installed and/or ported to Debian Buster or Bullseye, and package it from source if not.

We don 't need to do that now. If we need that in future, the easiest way to do that is build Geckodriver directly on the Raspberry Pi, that way the dependencies just work.