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Add a reference: Design brief
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This task tracks the writing of a design brief for the "add a reference" structured task type to the Growth team's newcomer tasks feature.
The document will define the goals, target audience, core user job stories, and outline the research and exploration tasks involved in the design of the new "add a reference" structured task.

When this ticket is marked as complete, a summary will be posted here. Design sub-tasks to follow will be created under the EPIC T279605

Design brief summary
Project overview

Present newcomers with a type of structured editing task that gives specific recommendations for references to add to Wikipedia article sentences and paragraphs.

Rationale (Why are we doing this)

Building on the success of newcomer tasks. Our first foray into newcomer task recommendations has shown new users are trying the suggested edits from maintenance templates.
The hypothesis is that by providing easier, more structured tasks in this context will result in even more newcomers attempting and successfully contributing on wiki.

Finding apt references has been identified as a pain point for small-to-midsized Wikipedias, since there is a large gap in perceived available sources. [[[ | Finding #4 from New Editor Experiences ]]]

User Job Stories [draft]
As a newcomer who wants to get involved but doesn’t know how to get started...Joiner-Inner, Social Changer personas
When Iam trying to figure out how to be involved with Wikipedia,(situation)
I want toquickly make an edit,(motivation)
so thatI feel successful and encouraged to do more.(expected outcome)
As a mobile user wanting easier edits on the go... Sporadic Mobile reader (Confident mobile contributor)
When Iam using the internet on my mobile device,(situation)
I want tobe able to contribute with one hand on a smaller device,(motivation)
so thatI can contribute whilst doing other things on the go (riding public transport, listening to music, etc).(expected outcome)

More user stories specific to adding references TBD

Related research and projects to explore [WIP list]