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VisualEditor creates misleading edit summary when editing multiple sections
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This was reported on the German-language Wikipedia's VE feedback page. I would be surprised if this has not been reported before, but I could not find a ticket for this problem.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to an article with multiple sections, e.g. Prothonotary
  2. Click on the edit link next to a section heading, e.g. next to "Byzantine usage"
  3. Make a change in a different section, e.g. in "Secular judiciary"
  4. Click on the Publish changes... button
  5. Observe that the edit summary textbox is pre-filled with the text "/* Byzantine usage */"

Unless the editor manually edits/deletes the section marker, the edit summary suggests that changes were made (just) to the section "Byzantine usage".

This is related to T22307: Generate automatic summary /* blah */ when I manually add a section heading when editing and T14411: Automatic edit summary generation based on analyzing the change made.