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Suggest articles similar to previous edits for Section Translation
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Some users often work on specific topic areas, and providing suggestions related to other articles they edit can be helpful. We need to support two cases:

Translate new articles

Content Translation uses the Recommendation API to surface suggestions that are related to previous edits by the user. This approach can be reused for Section Translation when creating new articles.

Expand existing articles

In addition to this, a new approach is needed for suggestions of articles to expand. The original API is not usable in this case since it filters out articles existing in the target language. We may need to explore options such as a new API and/or a fallback approach until it is available (e.g., articles in the same category based on Wikidata)

Note that this ticket is focused on suggesting articles similar to those the user edited/created/translated. We need to be careful not to show the exact articles they created since that was generating confusion ("I already translated these") during research.