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add an assessment / quality seal to articles
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Author: wikibugs

I'd like to have a feature that allows:

  • an averaged assesment

each user can give marks/grades to an article (from excellent to bad)
im not sure wether this should be resetted on each change of the article.
may be as an option, an admin can arrange that older votes are still valid,
cause changes are minor.

  • quality seal

privileged users (admins) can mark an article as "trusted".
the article says, how many admins trust it and, on click, who these admins are.
this is resetted on each change of the article.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Please have a look at the new "validate" feature available in the dev
version :

Create account / Log in and a "validate" button will appear. That basicly
allow you to vote for some criterias.

wikibugs wrote:

I'd like to do, but currently I have only one DB available.
See Bug#805

This is pretty much a duplicate of bug 476 - what you're asking for is Magnus'
article validation feature,
which is implemented in 1.5. Go to - in the Monobook
skin, you will see a tab
called 'Validate'. See also .

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 476 ***