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Edit translated paragraphs
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The card for already translated sentences (T260128) provides an option to get the status of the whole paragraph. Currently, when it is selected there is no option to edit the whole paragraph (unlike the case where the sentence is selected):

Paragraph selectedSentence selected
sx.wmflabs.org_index.php_Special_ContentTranslation_page=Moon&from=en&to=es&sx=true(iPhone 6_7_8) (1).png (1×750 px, 207 KB)
sx.wmflabs.org_index.php_Special_ContentTranslation_page=Moon&from=en&to=es&sx=true(iPhone 6_7_8).png (1×750 px, 188 KB)

This ticket proposes to support an "Edit translation" option for the paragraph view. This is motivated by input from research (T271576) indicating that some of the participants may feel the work at a sentence too restrictive.

Technically this may present some challenges to investigate as part of the ticket such as dealing with (a) edits that alter previous sentence structures, and (b) paragraphs including sentences pending translation in the middle. We can consider to provide only the option to edit in those cases where it is safe to do so.