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Centralized location of repositories for translation exports
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Currently each translation admin has their own clone of repositories. This has multiple drawbacks:

  • Manual setup procedure
  • Risk of having outdated repoconfig.yaml
  • Increased disk space usage (one full set of repositories currently takes 16G)
  • Increased disk IOps usage
  • Increased file system cache churn

All of this could be solved by using a single, central location. There a few considerations to take into account:

  • File system write permissions [can use same logic as for read-only clones]
  • Locking to prevent concurrent access [can be postponed until fully automated exports are implemented]


  • This change has been deployed and verified
  • Locking is being implemented separately
  • Cleanup of now unused export directories has started


We now use shared set of repositories for doing translation exports, instead of each committer having to have separate clones. New committers no longer need to do any manual setup and potential errors with that are removed. Server resource use has improved.

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Change 681702 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit; author: Nikerabbit):

[translatewiki@master] Central exports directory

Change 681702 merged by jenkins-bot:

[translatewiki@master] Central exports directory

Tested with non-MediaWiki exports. Waiting to see if any issues come up with MediaWiki exports.