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Request increased quota for wikisource Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: wikisource
Type of quota increase requested: CPU and RAM
Amount of quota increase: 3 VCPUs and 6GB RAM
Reason: We would like to migrate the popular to VPS. We want to rename it and have it support Tesseract as another OCR engine. As it turns out, Tesseract runs about 10 times slower on Toolforge compared to VPS. We're not sure why. We don't suspect a RAM issue because Tesseract runs smoothly on just a 2GB RAM instance.

Regardless, we feel VPS is the better home for this app with all the improvements we have planned. Instead of Wikisource communities relying on 2 or 3 different OCR applications, we want to put them all under the same roof. With that we expect an increase in traffic which in turn will require more resources.

We don't have enough quota left to create a new large-ish instance. We are hoping to use the g3.cores4.ram8.disk20 flavor. Our current quota has just 1 VCPU and 2GB RAM left, so we're looking for an additional 3 VCPUs and 6GB RAM.

Thanks for your consideration!