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Upgrade mysql on db1107 (m2 db master)
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We need to upgrade mysql on db1107 (m2 master) due to an upstream bug see T279281
This is simply a mysql restart, so I expect it to take around 1 minute
Impact: Writes will not work, reads will not be affected.

Affected databases:


I am planning to do this sometime early in the UTC morning in the 19th April 2021 week, but I would like to make sure the service owners or contact people to let me know if there's any specific date/time I should avoid and if they need to do something before/after the restart:

(if you are pinged and you are not supposed to be pinged, let me know so I can ping the right person):

OTRS: @akosiaris @Krenair
debmonitor: @Volans @MoritzMuehlenhoff
xhgui: @Krinkle @dpifke
recommendationsapi: @akosiaris
iegreview: @bd808 @Niharika
scholarships: @bd808 @Niharika
sockpuppet: @hnowlan
mwaddlink: @kostajh


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Marostegui moved this task from Triage to Blocked on the DBA board.

Both OTRS and recommendationapi should not have an issue, fine by me. One thing that is not clear though. This is for 2021-04-16?

Sorry @akosiaris I should've specified it, this is for next week (unless someone needs time to prepare things)

Cool. Thanks! Date sounds fine to me.

Anytime is ok for debmonitor.

iegreview and scholarships should deal with a db interruption with no lasting issues.

No issues with sockpuppet being out for a bit.

No objection from xhgui owners.

Thank you all for the fast response!

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-04-19T05:05:17Z] <marostegui> Restart m2 database master T280251

This has been done, the RO timing:

start: 05:05:22
stop: 05:05:52

OTRS: @akosiaris @Krenair

Sorry, just saw this. I might not be the best of contacts for OTRS, am just an ordinary user with technical knowledge, not an admin or anything.

Thanks @Krenair - I thought you were an OTRS admin :)