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[SPIKE] Draft QA plan for topic container
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This task represents the work involved with drafting a preliminary QA testing plan of the new topic container feature to ensure it works in the ways we, and volunteers, expect.

This ticket will build on the Testing considerations @Ryasmeen started drafting during the Editing Team's December 2020 offsite.


The components below will be the basis for the eventual testing instructions we follow when testing the new topic container feature (more in the ===Done section below). This section will be finalized once mockups for the new feature are created

  • The namespaces the feature should be tested in (e.g. User talk, article talk, project talk, etc.)
  • The languages the feature should be tested in
  • The types of conversations the feature should be tested with (e.g. conversations that contain === H3 ==== within them)
  • Thes speed and accuracy with which the metadata contained within toic containers (e.g. number of comments, number of participants, etc.) are updated after posting certain kinds of content


  • A ticket is created that includes the ===Testing instructions that should be followed before the topic container feature is deployed to production wikis.