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simple search displays list twice
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Screenshot showing the problem

When simple search (from the Vector extension) is enabled, the suggestion box is displayed twice (in different locations on the screen, apparently partially depending on the size of the window). See attached screenshot.

I have reproduced this issue on the current SVN version (both MediaWiki itself and the Vector extension were up-to-date). It can also be seen on the commons prototype page.

This is using Chromium 6.0.472.63~r59945-2 as shipped with current Debian Testing.

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Reedy added a comment.Jan 11 2011, 1:57 AM

This is WFM on Google Chrome 10.0.628.0 dev. Same on FF 3.6.13

Granted, you are using Debian Testing, so things are going to be rather out of date...

6 and even 7 are listed as "old releases"

I agree that Chromium 6 is not the newest version, but it will be shipped with Debian Squeeze, so it will be around until the release of Wheezy, which is at least two years into the future.

The problem described in the bug also shows up in IceWeasel 3.5.16-3, which is also in Debian Testing.

I do hope that Wikipedia will continue to work with these "older" browsers - after all even IE6 is still mostly supported, so these are not too old. It would be a real pity if no browser in the upcoming Debian release could properly display Wikipedia.

Our policy is to support any browser which has significant (>=0.1%) market share (backward compatible), and the most recent version of any browser which has a significant market share across versions (forward compatible). Anything beyond that is a bonus.

As of today...

Chrome 2.0 ------ 718 -- 0.02%
Chrome 3.0 ---- 1,997 -- 0.04%
Chrome 4.0 ---- 2,927 -- 0.07%
Chrome 4.1 ---- 2,149 -- 0.05%
Chrome 5.0 --- 10,899 -- 0.24%
Chrome 6.0 -- 397,098 -- 8.88%
Chrome 7.0 --- 15,967 -- 0.36%
Chrome 8.0 ---- 1,350 -- 0.03%

According to this we should be officially supporting Chrome 5, 6, 7 and 8.

So, Trevor, any chance of this being addressed in the next week?

brion added a comment.Jan 22 2011, 1:52 AM

If I'm not mistaken, this is the result of both the old-school 'mwsuggest' and the newer vector simplesearch drop-downs being active at the same time.

(With Firefox 4b9 (Ubuntu 10.10 x86_64), I see them both but they show in the same physical area on screen, so depending which one comes up first you might not notice the second one.)

The site probably just needs to set:

$wgEnableMWSuggest = false;

Or is SimpleSearch supposed to degrade automatically to the internal mwsuggest?


Since this is a blocker and Brion has suggested what sounds like a reasonable explanation. I'm closing this. Feel free to re-open if you try

$wgEnableMWSuggest = false;

and still see the problem.

Thanks! It works when I disable MWSuggest.

It should probably be documented somewhere that SimpleSearch and MWSuggest are incompatible. Particularly as it worked in earlier versions, so people doing upgrades should somehow be notified.

You should also probably note somewhere to set

$wgEnableMWSuggest = false;

before deploying the new MediaWiki code to Wikipedia.