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Add and configure wordmark logos for wikis that need them
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My attention has just been drawn to the fact that the wiki creation procedure doesn't have a step to configure the wordmark logo for the project, which is used at the footer of the mobile site, and possibly in some other places.

I've just added it to the procedure (please feel free to fix my amateurish text), but now it needs to be done for lots of wikis; I'd do it, but unfortunately, I'm hopelessly bad at using graphics software.

For anybody who is good at using graphics software this is supposed to be quite easy, albeit longish and repetitive. The algorithm is, more or less:

  1. For each non-English wiki:
  2. Is the localized name of the wiki completely identical to its English name? To check, see whether the name in the desktop logo is different from the English name. If it is identical, go to the next wiki. If it's at least a little different, continue. ("Wikipedia" is identical to "Wikipedia". "Wikipédia" is not identical to "Wikipedia".)
  3. Open the mobile site and scroll all the way down. If the correct name appears at the footer image, go to the next wiki.
  4. Is there any other language in which the name is written identically? Reuse that file and go straight to the configuration step. (For example, the Hindi Wikipedia wordmark logo [wikipedia-wordmark-hi.svg] is also used for Marathi, Nepali, and several other languages.)
  5. Create a wordmark logo with the correct name and upload it to Commons. The file name pattern is PROJECT-wordmark-LANGUAGECODE.svg, for example Wikipedia-wordmark-fr.svg for the French Wikipedia. TODO: Add wordmark creation instructions for graphic designers.
  6. Add an entry for the wiki and the logo to the wmgSiteLogoWordmark section in the InitialiseSettings.php file in the operations/mediawiki-config Gerrit repository.
  7. Schedule the deployment of the change according to the Backport procedure.

Tagging Desktop Improvements because I think that they use these logos in the new version of Vector somewhere, but I might be wrong; feel free to remove the tag.