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Section titles are wrongly wrapped and cause overflow in mobile version
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I have noticed that since the last update, many longer section titles on WP talk pages (probably also on other pages, but I mainly encountered it on talk pages) do not wrap anymore and cause overflow on smaller screens.

For example, if I view this talk page on my phone (not the overlay!), there is quite some overflow, caused by the section titles Ausbau Geschichte der KPCh, Modernisierung unter Deng, Abschnitt Menschenrechtsverletzungen, Literaturangaben: Das ist zu wenig and Zusammensetzung der Partei. Meanwhile, the title Antikommunistische und antichinesische Propaganda - mehr nicht is wrapped correctly and displayed in three lines. Before the update, all of these were wrapped to new lines and no overflow happened. I am not sure what exactly was changed, but it happens on many pages.

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As it probably is related: at the same time, all these sections are now suddenly expanded by default, without even the option to undo it (the arrows are gone). Have not yet encountered it on any ns-0 pages, but on project pages.

Oh, now I found T280433!