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Renaming 'email-blacklist' preference
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How exactly do we rename a preference?

email-blacklist is used as a preference up_property

And of course, it seems to have rows with the "default" of "" (see T54777: user_properties table bloat), we have many rows preusmably in most tables...

Event Timeline

Hi, @Reedy, I'm trying to use T-shirt sizes to measure the effort required for each task to invite folks at the WMF to join and decide which ones they'd like to tackle by giving them information about the effort and any other info you consider relevant.

XSAt Most 1 Hour0
SAt Most 1 Day1
MAt Most 3 Days3
LAt Most 5 Days5
XLNeeds Re-Eval9

For this specific task, T280470, What would you say the size is?