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Include the EDTF Datatype extension in the Fall 2021 Wikibase Docker release
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Apr 20 2021, 12:01 PM
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At least one institutional user has a firm requirement for using the EDTF Datatype extension in combination with the Docker images. It is possible that there are others who would be interested, given the importance of EDTF format to the CIDOC-CRM ontology in the cultural heritage sector.

Particularly if additional users have a requirement for the EDTF extension, we should consider including it in a future version of the Docker bundle.

Note: As of the writing of this ticket, the plan is for the Fall 2021 Docker images to be based on MW 1.36.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Prepare (but do not release) the release pipeline to include WikibaseEDTF in the fall 2021 release
  • Leave the pipeline in a situation that a future 1.35 release would be possible.
  • Verify that a property with EDTF datatype can be created and a statement can be made using it

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Because of the use in CIDOC-CRM Ontology

This reaches beyond just GLAM and cultural heritage and impacts scientific organizations as well. Please add my support for this.

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Leave the pipeline in a situation that a future 1.35 release would be possible.

In order to fulfill this ac, this updates the builds to accept a selection of extensions rather than just keeping the same selection for every build. This commit also adds WikibaseEdtf to the builder/caching.

This uses the new INSTALLED_EXTENSIONS to poll the wikibase under test for it's capabilities. This is required to not run WikibaseEdtf tests when it's not enabled for example.

This adds the wmde.3-alpha template to build the upcoming fall release with WikibaseEdtf included, this also adds a simple test for the edtf datatype through the api.

Closing as the ACs are completed.
For anyone watching this ticket waiting to use EDTF, it will now be in the next wmde.* wikibase release (wmde.3) coming soon.