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Civi dedupe: automatically dedupe alternate family names
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As an advancement manager I would like to civi consider alternate writing styles of family names in its automatic systems so that they do not need to be manually deduped.

Please refer to the alternate writing styles here:

Our automatic systems should consider all the alternative ways of writing a family name as the same. Dedupe should not fail on these alternate names. The contact with the latest donation should be preferred.

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@XenoRyet In talking to @SHust the team has been able to find a workaround! I think we're good to close this.

Looking at this again, the JP doc shared by David would be a great addition to an automated script, should this be a possibility. The workaround I mentioned is available for the Roman alphabet only.

@Eileenmcnaughton noting that in conversation with @SHust this was also raised as a DR priority

@SHust are you talking abou this functionality? ie any name pairs saved here will be picked up y the script in future

image.png (538×702 px, 139 KB)

The list of saved ones is here

@Eileenmcnaughton, I knew about this functionality, thank you. I was talking about the Japanese family names seen here: