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Fix widget threading crashes
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These were taken from the 6.7.4 release and 6.8.0 betas. They seem to be related to updating views on threads other than main.

Binary: TopReadWidget
UIKitCore: -[UIImageView _mainQ_beginLoadingIfApplicable] + 72
UIKitCore: -[UIImageView _mainQ_beginLoadingIfApplicable] + 76
CoreAutoLayout: _AssertAutoLayoutOnAllowedThreadsOnly + 416
CoreAutoLayout: _AssertAutoLayoutOnAllowedThreadsOnly + 412

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Just for clarity: the TopReadWidget binary name is identical for both our old-style and new home screen style Top read widgets, but it appears this crash is specifically related to the old-style UIKit Top Read widget (WMFTodayTopReadWidgetViewController).

@Tsevener Was this the function you were mentioning maybe needs some main queue-ifying:

@Dmantena yep that's what I was thinking, although now that I look at it I'm not sure that every call to that method will run on a background thread. If not I think it would be better to work our way up the stack (fetchedCachedWidgetContentGroup seems common among them, for example) confirm where it's calling from a background thread and dispatch the call somewhere up there. This definitely isn't a must for 6.8.1 and if it turns into a rathole we can punt, just seemed like an easy fix at first glance.