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Widget not found on search pages
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This is related to the OOUI component that wraps the central search bar on Special:Search: this component is what turns the plain html text input box for search into an autocomplete.

Seen on various search pages*/logstash-2021.04.20?id=t5c58HgBGiM4niWIb8GP

Error: Widget not found
at OO.ui.Element.static.unsafeInfuse URL1:183:48
at OO.ui.Element.static.infuse URL1:182:545
at OO.ui.infuse URL1:179:29
at URL1:792:596
at mightThrow URL1:53:141
at resolve/</process< URL1:53:800


Not sure how to replicate. Perhaps the search uses OOUI server side rendering only on a small amount of page views?

It looks like 20-112 hits in the last day, so this doesn't seem to be coming up a lot

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Not sure if #searchText could be omitted on a page view, but this is the closed code I have found in the javascript URL1


Might relate to T280163 so I think the priority here is addressing that bug first

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