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Language name should be distinguished from the statement value when displaying monolingual text statements
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When displaying a monolingual text statement, the language name should be visually distinguishable from the value. At the moment, the language is displayed on the same line and in the same style as the value, so it's not clear that they are two separate things, and a monolingual text statement with the value "test" and language "English" looks identical to a string property with the value "test (English)". As a result, I often get confused and think someone has appended the language name to the value.

Example screenshot:

Bildschirmfoto_2021-04-21_12-11-52.png (333×926 px, 18 KB)

I've been using .wb-monolingualtext-language-name { color: grey; } to make the text grey for the language name and it's been a big improvement for me.

Example screenshot:

Bildschirmfoto_2021-04-21_12-33-50.png (332×927 px, 18 KB)

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Can we add it to the Wikidata's sitewide css?

Can we add it to the Wikidata's sitewide css?

I think that's best discussed on Wikidata itself and then a interface moderator can add it (if the community agrees on doing this).

After a short discussion, the members of the UX team agreed to proceed with this fix. Keeping accessibility in mind, we would encourage selecting a gray from our color palette that meets an acceptable contrast ratio: #72777d.

We recognize and are obliged to mention, nevertheless, that this relevant issue is a symptom of a broader underlying problem: the lack of semantic standards for the translation of data in Wikidata's user interface. We acknowledge that defining those standards and rethinking the UI would be quite a broader task, requiring the allocation of more time and resources.