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Translating does not work anymore
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Since the last update of Lingua Libre, it is not anymore possible to translate page using Extension:Translate. For example, to translate the main page, you should see the meassges to translate on this page but no message appear.

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Also, the translation on wiki pages cannot be edited. By clicking on "Save changes", an error appears. Try on one page. @Tgr , you may be interested in the result of the error Thank you in advance.

@Eihel, what is the error that appears? I made a change and save it and I did not get any error.

@Eihel, what is the error that appears? I made a change and save it and I did not get any error.

It is solved for the original issue: it works! :-) I did some maintenance on Translate to remove a deprecation warning about jQuery.debounce and missed to also replace jQuery.throttle, this is now done and pushed on Gerrit for review, see T213426 and gerrit patch.

The error about OAuth/Translate pages is another error, I created T281289 for this and will publish soon the code used for OAuthAuthentication -- now that LinguaLibre is open I take to properly publish the changes done on the server.

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Despite this issue, it will have the final effect of removing 3 deprecation warnings in the console on all Wikimedia wikis, when the 3 patches submitted on T213426 will be merged (Translate, MultimediaViewer, InputBox).

Hello @Seb35,

You write that the original problem is resolved. I still can't access translations from Translate. I can't even select the language. The only page that normally appears is "Language statistics". Can you put the status Resolved when I don't see any change? Cordially.

When managing bugs and issues, it’s better not to mix different issues else it becomes difficult to solve each individual issue: it is better to open a new bug when the issue is different.

Here the original description was about the page Special:Translate not displayed, which I solved when I set the status "Resolved"; the issue you were mentionning was different, that’s why I splitted it by opening a new bug. I aggree it is not always easy from the user point of view to distinguish why issues are different (here both appeared around Translate pages), but from a technical point of view they could have different causes (here I solved this issue in the Translate extension, and the issue T281289 in the OAuthAuthentication extension).

If there are other issues around Translate in LinguaLibre, please open a new bug describing it (attaching backtraces like you did is very helpful and, generally speaking, the more precise is described the issue, the more easy it will be to solve it).

@Seb35 , Peut-être qu'en français, c'est plus compréhensible : non, le problème sur Special:Translate n'est pas résolu. D'ailleurs, aucun des problèmes déposé ces derniers jours par @Pamputt n'est résolu. Je ne suis pas le seul à écrire cela, Sabeloga a décrit le même problème. Voir cette image.

Aussi, le problème que j'ai déposé est tout aussi important que ce problème : si aucune page de Traduction sur le wiki ne peut être modifiée, aucun message à traduire depuis Special:Translate ne peut être modifié. Donc, je ne comprends pas pourquoi vous changez aussi Priority sur l'autre Task qui doit être qualifiée de BUG REPORT. Au plaisir.

It just happened, @Seb35 . The 2 problems are solved at the same time. I don't know if Sabeloga still has a problem. Cordially.