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Rack/power audit in eqiad c8/d5
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The two cloud switches (cloudsw) are full. This is due to all WMCS servers taking 2x10G uplinks (48 ports total).

The question is: how full are the racks in term of power and rack space?

So we can decide if the best fix is to add a 2nd ToR to the same racks or dedicate a new rack to WMCS.

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ayounsi created this task.

@Andrew @arturo, in parallel it would be useful to know how much growth is expected in WMCS (especially the servers going behind the cloudsw) for the next FY.

wiki_willy added a subscriber: Jclark-ctr.

Hey @ayounsi - we think it's best if we add a 2nd 10g TOR to both C8 and D5. Currently, there's 12u of available rack space in C8 and 11u available in D5. Additional, there are 14x non-WMCS servers in C8 and 6x non-WMCS servers in D5, that could either be phased out (via natural refresh cycles) or migrated to a different rack, which could help fully utilize the new switches. Thanks, Willy

I am not sure if any of this is needed still but here is the info requeted.

There are currently 2 available network ports and 135power ports available in C8
1 available network port and 15 power ports in D5