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Make directly sort suggestions for the bot
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Suggestions on should, most of the time, be suitable for humans to review.

Currently T271085 takes several days for the prefilling, and suggestions are moved to the bot's directory only at the end. The result is that the suggestions we present to users are in the majority suitable only for the bot (e.g. doi-access=free additions) or not a priority at the moment (SemanticScholar, CiteSeerX). That should be corrected.

An easy solution would be to move the files more often. Another would be to add command-line arguments to so that certain suggestions are sent directly to the bot directory.

A more sophisticated solution would be to sort suggestions individually, so that the "high priority" suggestions for one article aren't discarded only by virtue of being in the same JSON file as some "low priority" ones. We have some tasks for that already, which would probably require us switching to a database for the queue, but maybe there's some intermediate way.

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