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Request creation of image-suggestion-api VPS project
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Project Name: image-suggestion-api

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: Nikki Nikkhoui, bpirkle

Purpose: A node API that will be used by Structured Data, bot writers, and (in the future) Android team to retrieve image suggestions for under-illustrated wikipedia articles.

Brief description: We intend to install nodejs and npm, as well as all the packages listed in the project's package.json file. This API is a proof of concept, and will be used as an experiment with the client teams mentioned above. It's uncertain how long this service will need to last for, but the estimated time is weeks or months. The service, as it is a POC, will likely not need a ton of resources, a small VM such as g3.cores1.ram2.disk20 is likely sufficient.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: As soon as possible!

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Hi! Thanks a lot for the request, did you consider running it on toolforge?

For a small POC seems quite a good fit.

@dcaro We actually had it hosted on toolforge previously! But we were running into what appeared to be resource limitations. Essentially we have an endpoint that performs very quickly locally and on cloud VPS but for whatever reason has incredibly slow response times on toolforge. So cloud VPS seemed like the better option (while we're still debugging what the performance issue is on toolforge).

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