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ProofreadPage: Code Tags for proofread progress
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While considering the use case for something like frWS's for tracking proofread status of a set of indexes, it occurs that it would be useful if this kind of data could be generated on the fly using some kind of tag in the Wikicode, which would drastically reduce the number of moving parts.

For example,

<indexstatus index="Foo.djvu" count="0,4"/> returns the total number of pages at status 0 and 4 in the given index.

However, I am not sure that such a thing wouldn't be too much server overhead, as opposed to an "asynchronous" task that updates a data table? @Tpt: any concept of if this would be impractical on the server end?

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Could we store these as tags that are updated whenever a Page is saved?

@Languageseeker I think that's technically possible with a change to the DB schema, but the book-keeping could be fairly tricksy (unless you just recomputed the entire book on each page save, which might be OK, I have no idea of the speed). I'm not sure if there's a facility for some sort of "cache" either.

But probably worth making sure the dumb and naive way (compute every time) is as impractical as I worry first before adding complexity.