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Deployment training request for **xSavitar**
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New deployer checklist

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Maybe I'm missing something, but you don't seem to currently be a member of any of the common NDA-only groups ( doesn't have nda as a group you would be a member of, and your Phab profile doesn't list any common NDA-only projects either) :-).

@Urbanecm, I think there is a little mix-up there in terms of user names. My Wikitech username is: Alangi_Derick and I've used that to sign the LDAP NDA access (T268150) but however, I use the d3r1ck01 handle to login to Gerrit.

The user D3r1ck01 doesn't exist on Wikitech and was blocked in the past by Brian Davis when doing a rename. Can you double check and see if what I'm saying makes sense to you? Thanks!

Aha, multiple email addresses is what confused me :).

urbanecm@tools-sgebastion-07  ~
$ ldapsearch -x '' | grep uid
dn: uid=d3r1ck01,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
uid: d3r1ck01
uidNumber: 12923
urbanecm@tools-sgebastion-07  ~
$ ldapsearch -x 'cn=Alangi Derick' | grep uid
dn: uid=derick,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
uid: derick
uidNumber: 14653
urbanecm@tools-sgebastion-07  ~
$ indeed lists nda group. All seems to be well then :).

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Hey @xSavitar you should have an invite to the Google meet on 2021-04-29...I am now going to add a "date I would like to attend" to this form :)

Does that date work for you? Or would some other Thursday work better?

Hi @thcipriani, thank you for the invite. I've accepted it and looking forward to the session :)

After training

Hey @xSavitar thanks for attending the late night training session!

As I mentioned, I have a list of the next steps to take:

  • Please come again, for training or to deploy or both
  • Improve any of the Training docs
  • Attend a Train Log Triage meeting (ping me on IRC and I'll get you an invite)
  • Get shell and deploy access in production to do deployments, see
  • Gain access to merge changes in wmf deploy branches by being added to the wmf-deployments gerrit group
  • Join the operations mailing list (
    • This is because announcements that could impact how and/or when to deploy things are primarily sent there.

Thank you very much @thcipriani. The training was excellent and I'll for sure attend about 2 - 4 more sessions. I've requested shell access T281564: Requesting access to Deployment shell for derick, I've also subscribed to the ops@ mailing list and waiting for final approval.

In addition, while I'm undergoing the process of getting access, I'm spending time reading the docs you posted in the comment above & any other linked documents in those pages.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-05-05T21:45:43Z] <mutante> mailing lists: approved Alangi Derick's pending request for membership in ops mailing list (is becoming deployer) T281309

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I confirm Alangi Derick now has access to deployment server and bastions.

I confirm Alangi Derick now has access to deployment server and bastions.

Thanks @Dzahn!

I've also added @xSavitar to additional deployment training sessions to exercise that new access. I think that's all the TODOs from this task, closing it out.