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Create fundraising_code_update project for civiproxy
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fetches updates from gerrit repo wikimedia/fundraising/crm/civiproxy
uses 'deployment' branch of repo
cherry-picks in config.php file from localsettings/civiproxy folder
deploys to same role as civicrm, could be to /srv/civiproxy

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The repo has been added to frdeploy and the code has been pushed to the fundraising_qa and civicrm roles in /srv/civiproxy. The config.php file from localsettings did not appear to come across so need to find out why that is the case.

config.php is now pulled in and deposited in /srv/civiproxy. Please verify everything looks ok.

Dwisehaupt moved this task from In Progress to Done on the fundraising-tech-ops board.

This has been verified. Closing.