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Support adding links when translating from scratch
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In section Translation it is possible to avoid the use of machine translation and translate a sentence from scratch. When translating a sentence form scratch, users are likely to add the links present in the source text. For example, when translating a sentence that contains an link to the Cheese article in English, users are likely to add a link to the Formaggio article when translating the sentence to Italian. However, the current process for adding a link does not consider the links in the source sentence.

This ticket proposes to provide some support for users to add links based on those in the source sentence. Some initial ideas:

  • Use the links in the original panel as an entry point to add them to the translation. For example, a card with the option to "add" link can be shown when selecting the source links.
  • Populate the suggested links in the "add link" panel to facilitate the selection. Especially for cases where the user taps the option to add a link without a text selection, where no suggestions are shown currently.

This issue surfaced in recent research with Bengali Wikipedia editors:

[...] was translating from scratch without MT outputs. This editor faced difficulty and hassle finding the relevant links, which would have otherwise appeared automatically, but only if they’d opted to use the MT outputs.

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