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Move Performance Icinga alerts to AlertManager
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In T272979: Onboard Perf Team to new Alerting Toolset we've successfully onboarded Performance team to AM and moved the Grafana alerts to AM. This task will track doing the same but for Icinga alerts. From my audit I found these:

modules/profile/manifests/webperf/processors.pp:    monitoring::check_prometheus { 'webperf-navtiming-latest-handled':
modules/profile/manifests/webperf/processors.pp:    monitoring::check_prometheus { 'webperf-navtiming-error-rate':
modules/profile/manifests/webperf/processors.pp:    monitoring::check_prometheus { 'webperf-navtiming-invalid-message-rate':

Performance-Team any other alert in Icinga I'm missing ?

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Change 670230 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filippo Giunchedi; author: Filippo Giunchedi):

[operations/alerts@master] Sketch of Performance team alerts

Krinkle renamed this task from Move Performance Icinga alerts to AM to Move Performance Icinga alerts to AlertManager.May 3 2021, 6:25 PM