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Norwegian can appear twice when upgrading from 6.7.4
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How many times were you able to reproduce it? Every time

Steps to reproduce

  1. Check out releases/6.7.4 on a device with only Norwegian Bokmal as a language.
  2. Launch app, go through onboarding. The language page will be in that weird empty state due to a 6.7.4 bug. Add Norsk as a language.
  3. Upgrade to 6.8.0

Expected results

Norsk shows up twice in language settings.

Actual results

Norsk only shows up once.


Environments observed

App version: 6.8.0
OS versions: iOS 14.4.2
Device model: iPhone 7
Device language: Norwegian Bokmal

Note - as a part of this fix, seems like we'll also want to clean up any malformed data that occurred as a result of this bug.

Event Timeline

I was just working on code related to this, so I'll claim the issue.

This will be in Testflight build 6.8.1 (1813).