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Remove latest, latest-bundle, latest-base tags from dockerhub
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As per ADR13 we do not want to use the latest tag

We should leave the tags around for an adequate amount of time, and also announce when they are being removed (or tag some other legacy tag that people could use of this fixed point in time)

Acceptance criteria:🏕️🌟

  • Announce the change that will be happening (and wait 1 week)
    • Including the list of tags that will be removed & the image digest hashes (which can still be used to pull this version of the image) OR other existing tags that lead to the same image version in the case that people need something to refer to
  • Remove wikibase latest, latest-bundle, latest-base tag
  • Remove elasticsearch latest tag
  • Remove wdqs latest tag
  • Remove wdqs-frontend latest tag
  • Remove quickstatements latest tag
  • make sure that the latest tags do not built or get pushed
  • Update each image landing page to contain a disclaimer explaining that we don't produce the latest tag and users should look for wmde.N version number to decide what version to use.
  • Remove entire wdqs-updater repository

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toan removed toan as the assignee of this task.Apr 29 2021, 12:50 PM

ping @Samantha_Alipio_WMDE: I think we need to communicate this to the community before we remove the tags

Tarrow moved this task from To do to Doing on the Wikibase Release Strategy (Hike 2, Sprint 3) board.

Actually; I think we already sent this out and I just forgot. I'll pick this up

I guess we'd need to turn of the publishing from travis also? (sort of sunsetting wikibase-docker)

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