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Decide on subscribe/unsubscribe iconography
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This task represents the work with deciding on and implementing a new visual affordance for subscribing and unsubscribing from wikitext-based talk page sections.

User stories

  • A) As a contributor (Junior or Senior), when I open Echo on desktop or mobile and see a notification from a conversation I am no longer interested in, I want to know what to do to stop receiving notifications about this conversation, so that I can continue about my wiki-work without being distracted by, what I've deemed to be, noise.
  • B) As a contributor (Junior or Senior) who is reading a specific conversation on a talk page on desktop or mobile, I want to be able to easily see whether I am subscribed to that conversation or not, so that I can know whether I will or will not be notified when a new comment is posted in it and, potentially, change my subscription preference accordingly.
  • C) As a contributor (Junior or Senior) who is skimming a talk page, on desktop or mobile, that has many conversations on it, I want to be able to easily see what conversations I am and I am NOT subscribed to, so that I can know what new comments I will and will not be notified about.


  • Platforms: mobile and desktop
  • Contexts: on the talk page (mobile and desktop), within Echo (mobile and desktop)


This section will not be exhaustive until @iamjessklein has confirmed the designs that will need to be created to fulfill the ===User stories and ===Requirements above.

Talk pageDesktop
Talk pageMobile


  • The ===Mockups section above includes completed designs needed to fulfill the ===User stories and ===Requirements above
  • The ===Mockups are implemented by