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External link in minor-edit-message is not rendered correctly
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I use external links in the system messages to tell my editors what "minor edit" and "watching a page" means.

Up to PageForms 4.9 those external links worked fine. With PageForms 5.2.1 they are not rendered correctly and look like this:

Clipboard02.jpg (163×953 px, 44 KB)

When "Editing source" they still look fine:

Clipboard03.jpg (44×592 px, 8 KB)

Using MediaWiki 1.34.2 (I need to update, yes ;) ).

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This is still an issue with MediaWiki 1.35.3 and PageForms e8485dd6a95030d86f285b7ac79ddfbca2db054c.

Maybe it needs only a small code change to fix it?

Thanks for reminding me about this problem. I just checked in what I think is a fix for this.

Thanks a lot! Just pulled the latest master version and the problem is fixed :)