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Newcomer Tasks: finalize reporting notebook
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We drafted an improved notebook in the parent task. We're now at the point where it's time to go over that notebook, ensure it works in the Newpyter notebook environment, and do some final checks against the old notebook to make sure that numbers line up correctly.

@MMiller_WMF has sent me a copy of the most recent version of the notebook together with some questions and comments, which we'll iterate on until we have a functioning version that he can start using for his reports.

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kostajh triaged this task as Medium priority.May 7 2021, 8:13 AM

Moving this to In Progress on the Growth sprint board, and onto the Product Analytics team's kanban board and into Doing. Because I'm doing this.

The notebook has been sent to Marshall for review, moving to "Needs Sign-off".

Closing this task as resolved to not keep this around as an eternal phab task that Marshall and I can play Pong with by sending back and forth. We might want to make changes to the notebook to support Add a Link more specifically, or other things as the team deploys new features. If so, we'll discuss and create a new task for that and prioritize as needed.