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Update mapnik binaries and node bindings to latest version
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Currently kartotherian uses a very old forked version of node-mapnik (the library the renders map tiles) and we build the binary bindings on our own.
The reason behind that is the lack of debian packages for the binary dev libraries for mapnik>=3.1 in debian stable/backports and the fact that the node library stopped being compatible with older versions of the binaries.
It looks like debian bullseye ships with mapnik 3.1:

It would make a huge difference when it comes to maintenance of the maps stack if we:

  • stopped using our node-mapnik fork
  • started using mapnik>=3.1 linux binaries
  • started using latest upstream releases for node-mapnik

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It looks like there is already some progress on providing bullseye docker images.

Nodejs 12 images are now available based on bullseye that has packages for libmapnik3.1