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Replace Wikidata logo on Item Quality Evaluator to unique favicon
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As a user of the Item Quality Evaluator I want to see this tool use a unique favicon other than the Wikidata logo.

The use of the Wikidata project logo on Item Quality Evaluator may be wrongly perceived not as a tool but as a core Wikidata functionality.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Wikidata logo on Item Quality Evaluator is replaced.

Open questions

  • What will a good logo look like?
  • Who designs it?

See previous discussion:

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@Charlie_WMDE @Erdinc_Ciftci_WMDE Do either of you feel inspired? (Nothing fancy and don't spend too much time on it.)

Hey @Lydia_Pintscher since this is not part of any project that UX has allocated resources for, this will probably not be picked up by us. That being said I'd be happy to find a working mode for these types of "maintenance" tickets and how to handle them in the future. I will raise all these points in the next team meeting and get back to you. My assumption is that this will require a little bit of PM<>UX communication to find a good working mode.