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Inform Phase 1 Wikis of A/B test results
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This ticket represents the work of informing the Wikipedias where the Reply Tool is already available by default (arwiki, cswiki, huwiki) about the results (23 April Reply Tool project update) of the recent A/B test.

Announcement components

The information these announcements should include can be found in the ===Announcement components section of T280383 with one exception: this announcement need NOT contain information about plans to offer the Reply Tool as an opt-out feature at these wikis considering it is already deployed in this way at these projects.

Announcement locations

WikiCodeAnnouncement URL
Newsletter~700 wikisJune 2021
Wikipedias with Reply tool default-onarwikiarwiki, cswiki, huwiki
Other participants in the A/B test21 wikisSee list in T281533


  • Announcements that the ===Announcement components above are made at each of the wikis listed in the ===Announcement locations section above