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We believe that it can help newcomers have a good experience on the wiki if they are able to find communities who are interested in the same topics as they are, and information about how to get involved with those topics.

After users select topics, perhaps a module could appear with links relevant for that topic, like to a WikiProject associated with the topic, or to guidelines for how to edit articles about that topic (e.g.

Original idea from community member here:

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FYI @Urbanecm. This would probably mean including the topic configuration page in community configuration.

Acknowledged. I think we should wait for this to be moved to "current
sprint" before incorporating anything (plus we might want to use the same
topic set as we use for suggested edits, which IIRC doesn't need any config
on community end).

The topics themselves don't, but the relevant links for each topic would need to be configured somewhere. Anyway, just wanted to flag this as something to keep in mind when thinking about the shape of community configuration in general.

This is a huge move. Wikiprojects aren't equally active or organized across the wikis. This requires some significant exploration.

Yes, I confirm Trizek's words, we have very few active projects in RuWiki for example, some of which are not even presented in the topics. It can be inconvenient for a beginner to get into an inactive project. We might think about setting that would create a table with active projects. This table would be filled in by administrators.