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Rename tests with identical names
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We currently have a number of tests with the same name as another test. These should be renamed to ensure all our tests run correctly.

The 5 tests are listed at (note this reflects a fork of the TWLight repository - commits should be made at WikipediaLibrary/TWLight).

To complete this task, rename each test noted there to have a different name which is unique.

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The Library Card platform repository can be found at WikipediaLibrary/TWLight. Please see the Getting Started and Local Setup guides to get up and running with a local development environment.

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Samwalton9 renamed this task from Fix tests with identical names to Rename tests with identical names.May 10 2021, 2:46 PM
Samwalton9 triaged this task as Medium priority.

After following the steps for installation, I'm left at this error at localhost:

OperationalError at /
(1054, "Unknown column 'resources_partner.new_tags' in 'field list'")

This could be due to an error due to migration. This error came repeatedly while the migration script ran:

The field was declared with a lazy reference to 'resources.partner', but app 'resources' isn't installed.
The field was declared with a lazy reference to '', but app 'resources' isn't installed.
The field users.Authorization_partners.partner was declared with a lazy reference to 'resources.partner', but app 'resources' isn't installed.

I've also certified that my fork is up to date.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

This seems like it would be related to T282034. @Scardenasmolinar Any idea why this error might be happening?

@infinite_verma Can you go to the bash of the container and run the migrations manually?