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Remove $wgPostCommitUpdateList
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This variable is not used in core since r14809 and has been replaced by the job queue.

Grepping in current code gives the following:

./extensions/WebDAV/deltav.php:$mediaWiki->doUpdates( $wgPostCommitUpdateList );
./extensions/WebDAV/webdav.php:$mediaWiki->doUpdates( $wgPostCommitUpdateList );
./includes/GlobalFunctions.php: global $wgPostCommitUpdateList, $wgDeferredUpdateList;
./includes/GlobalFunctions.php: foreach ( $wgPostCommitUpdateList as $update ) {
./includes/GlobalFunctions.php: $wgPostCommitUpdateList = array();
./includes/Setup.php:$wgPostCommitUpdateList = array();
./index.php:$mediaWiki->doUpdates( $wgPostCommitUpdateList );

and in three comments that I do not mention here, one per call to $mediaWiki->doUpdates() listed above.

So can we just kill it?

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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