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Wikisource Indonesia OCR: Not working so well
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Actually, I couldn't explain it so....

SS_20210511_1800.png (489×1 px, 103 KB)

It just different from the result of English Wikisource's OCR....

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What is the title of that page? Can you add a link to it? Thanks!

@Samwilson Yes. You're right. It turns out the problem comes from the OCR it self when clicked (activated). I'm waiting for the release of the new tool.

@Mnafisalmukhdi1 The idWS OCR Gadget is outdated. You need to get a local interface administrator to apply this diff, or you could just cross-load OCR.js from Multilingual Wikisource. The only current interface admin I see on idWS is @Rachmat04, but if they are unavailable you can probably request assistance from the global interface admins by making a request on meta.

Done. The JS has been updated.

Please ping me if there is another thing needs to be done as well. Thank you.

Samwilson claimed this task.

The new tool has been deployed to Indonesian Wikisource now, and it looks like it's working fine with the above work.

Feel free to reopen this if there's anything still wrong.