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Highlight the fact that source must be "reputable"
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In the fifth panel of the "find references" quick start tips, replace "Reliable sources include books, news organizations, and magazine articles" with "Reliable sources include reputable books, news organizations, and magazine articles". The addition of the word "reputable" communicates that not all news organizations/etc. are reliable.

This makes sense, but should be considered with the following in mind: reputable sources should be preferred but the initial goal is to see people thinking about sources. Asking newcomers to add a "reputable" source is the next step. Also, not everyone agrees on what is a "reputable source".

This task to discuss about this change.

Message: MediaWiki:Growthexperiments-help-panel-suggestededits-tips-vector-visualeditor-references-main-step2

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Thanks for creating this task. At en-WP, our standards are at I'm not too sure about other languages, but WP:RS has about 70 interlanguage links. For a beginner-friendly page, we could wikilink to over the word "reputable"; that page is only available in a few languages, though.