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[Session] Accessibility: state of the art, what is already good, what can be improved
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Username or display name (will be displayed publicly): psychoslave

Categories/Tags/Keywords (up to 5): accessibility, Gadgets, infrastructure, Mediawiki

Session type (select one):

  • Discussion (including Q/A) - 55 mins

Venue (select one):

  • I wouldn't mind being on the main track

When are you available to have the session?

22 May somewhere in range [12:00pm-3:00pm]UTC would be perfect for me, but I should be able to go with any schedule in the week-end.

Session Details

Short description of the session (~150 words):

Following a March 2021 use test session on Accessibility of Wikipedia, this session aim to give more light and love to the topic of accessibility of the Wikimedia infrastructure, in alignment to our 2030 goals of becoming an essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge, where anyone who shares our vision will be able to join us [as we] break down the social, political, and technical barriers preventing people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge.

Target audience:

Anyone who has interest in accessibility. People directly concerned with accessibility features and developers with experience on the topic or on the Mediawiki stack would be especially valuable to evaluate what really matter and how easy/difficult would it be to improve some points.

What will participants get out of this session? (~50 words)

  • knowing what is the current state of Wikimedia platform regarding accessibility,
  • knowing what are our current strengths and what are the opportunities to improve it on this regard
  • possibly:
    • assessments of specific accessibility features for both difficulty of development and expected impact
    • ideas to hack on during the rest of the week-end and beyond
  • positive feedback we can give to the stakeholders involved in improving accessibility of our infrastructure: because showing appreciation of what is already there is as important as bringing constructive criticism

(Optional) Additional resources:

Event Timeline

Interesting to me, I would like to see or have or make a page in the Wikipedia platform documenting our accessibility standards or accessibility aspirations in some measurable way. I asked about this at

Hello @Psychoslave and thanks a lot for proposing this session!

Feel free to have a look at the remaining free slots in the two hacking rooms in the schedule (times are presented in UTC/GMT), and please add your session directly in the schedule on wiki, in one of the two hacking rooms, before May 20th. If you have issues editing the wiki, we can also do it for you, feel free to ask for help.

As a speaker in a hacking room, you will use Jitsi, where you will be able to present, share your screen, and interact directly with the participants. The session will not be recorded.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks!

Hello @Nes, it's done, you might have a look to check I didn't introduced any problematic error. 😄

I have no question so far, all seems clear, thanks.

So the Etherpad did play its role during the session. 😄

We will use ticket in a first time to keep in touch. We might create some Meta to go further later, and maybe some instant messaging group or other.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend this session. I appreciate the notes linked above!
The core link that I don't see mentioned directly (though it is prominently linked within the [[m:Accessibility]] page and elsewhere) is the link-collation at
From my perspective, finding people who are willing and capable to help work on cleaning up (or even just making sense of!) the overabundance of existing pages, would be a key first step.

Thanks for participating in the Wikimedia Hackathon 2021! We hope you had a great time.

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