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Headless browser
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Would it be possible to install some modern browser with headless capability (Chrome, maybe Chromium or Firefox if licensing issues) on the grid?

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For running e2e tests on the grid?

Headless browsers come with a lot of dependencies. I believe we've rejected suggestions for that in the past.

I don't see any dedicated headless packages for chromium/firefox in debian repos or apt.wm.o, CI uses regular chromium/firefox-esr packages, which would involve pulling down a fairly large pile of dependencies.

The use case is No API endpoints exist for editing abusefilters. So I decided to mimic the HTTP requests, but that approach can turn up a few caveats and is slightly less maintainable. I cooked up a web scraping approach using Selenium as well and that might work better. But to run it'll need a browser with headless and modern JS support (both Chrome and Firefox work, so I mentioned those two; either will work).

I once downloaded the Firefox binary and it mostly worked (this was using slimerjs back when that was still usable) -

I mean, you can always download the binary to your tool's home dir and see if that will work headlessly without the libraries for x11. That would be much lighter than installing X libraries on everything.

We have Xvfb on the grid too which may or may not be useful in running some browser. The ws-export tool used to use it to run Calibre on the grid.