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Table text bug with app theme
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May 11 2021, 9:40 PM
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The latest version of the Wikipedia app introduced a bug in which text featured on data tables (except for links and paragraphs separated from an initial paragraph), when a user activated a dark or black theme, appears camouflaged with the white background of the table template, instead of being rendered as black text as it had been previously with those themes. (Black text is still rendered on tables when using the white and sepia themes.)

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Another report from Znuny:;TicketID=12208974

ich möchte gerne einen Bug melden: im Darkmode werden auf dem Texte in Tabellen nicht korrekt dargestellt (siehe Screenshot). Das Problem besteht schon länger, habe durch eine Behebung des Fehlers durch ein Update gehofft.

image0.png (2×1 px, 511 KB)

Similar report from Znuny due to custom yellow background, on the "List of highest-grossing animated films" article on EN Wikipedia:

IMG_0725.PNG (1×750 px, 241 KB)

IMG_0726.PNG (1×750 px, 232 KB)

Another theming bug report for track listings:;TicketID=12219210

The album doesn’t matter, but if it helps, I was looking at the tracks from “Dawn of a New Century” by Secret Garden.

IMG_0728.PNG (1×750 px, 165 KB)

IMG_0727.PNG (1×750 px, 178 KB)

User updated existing ticket with info on the article they were having dark mode issues:
On the original ticket:

"I can't see the duration of the songs of albums in dark mode."

Example given on the update:


I’m reporting an issue with viewing certain information about music albums. The track listing is hard to read when there’s white font on a white background. Please address and change.

Report from Znuny:

On the app, when looking at any music album’s tracks (“track listing”), half of the tracks are whited out and cannot be read. This doesn’t happen when reading the track listings on Wikipedia from a website on the Wikipedia webpage with any search engine. It only happens on the app. This has been the case for many years now, and it’s very annoying. Can this be fixed on the app? Here’s what I mean. This is just an example of a track listing from any album I’ve chosen at random; they all look like this:

image.png (1×750 px, 155 KB)

Article -

Report from a user on Znuny:

im Darkmode der App werden Tabellen teilweise weiß mit weißer Schrift angezeigt und sind somit nicht lesbar. Wird dieser Fehler demnächst korrigiert?;TicketID=12277981

Report from a user on Znuny:

Unable to see some text in tables in dark mode

image0 (1).png (2×1 px, 438 KB)

If phone and app are in dark mode, text in certain sections is unreadable. This bug is most easily seen in track lists for albums. The spreadsheet format for track lists often use a format where every other row is white, however the text is normally white in dark mode. The text in the white sections of these rows is not changed from the standard white, so it is not readable (it is white text on a white background);TicketID=12282783

This comment was removed by Mazevedo.

+ 1 user through the iOS support email:

iPhone 13 Pro
Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.1.1; Phone)

Dear Team,

for years and years, tables with data about music, bands look like this: sometimes they don‘t contain any information at all:

In the safari browser, the same entry looks like this:

As stated, this has been staying like this for years no matter which version of iPhone, iOS, or Wikipedia app.

image (3).png (2×1 px, 343 KB)

image0 (4).jpeg (2×1 px, 252 KB)

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