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TypeError: layerDefs is undefined
Open, Needs TriagePublicPRODUCTION ERROR


TypeError: layerDefs is undefined
at createTileLayer
at modules/wikivoyage/WVMapLayers.js/WVMapLayers.prototype.basemap

Seem to be coming from the Kartographer extension although most of the errors are coming from 1 IP address and from


Request URL

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Krinkle added a project: Discovery-Search.
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Triaging under Old for stat reporting as this module has not been developed for 1.5+ year, thus likely backfill that we did not previously notice. (Note that this does not set a priority one way or another.)

This is strange.. the stacktrace shows an error in WVMaplayer, which is for wikivoyage, but wikivoyage functionality shouldn't be loaded normally on fr.wp as its not enabled there.... Maybe someone is using a userscript or something to enable them ?