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First round of feedback for Image recommendation UI
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What is the problem?

First goal of SDAW is "to allow machines to recognize Wikimedia content and to suggest relationships to other Wikimedia content", and the current task we're exploring is the Image recommendation project.

We want to publicise the tool, in order to gather a first significant feedback from as many communities as possible. In particular, our main target users are the ones who have uploaded images to Commons and/or edited or watched a particular article or set of articles.

How can we help you?

We need to define a list of potential communities/projects that might be interested in providing us feedback or that we are interested in getting feedback from.

What does success look like?

  • We define a "first-wave" list of communities that we want to reach out.
  • We successfully deliver the message to those community through all appropriate channels.
  • Target users provide us feedback on the MediaWiki talk page, or (not preferably) through the channels they've been contacted.

What is your deadline?

We expect to have substantial feedback by the end of June.