feature request: newest changes display for categories, start from
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Author: gangleri

Dear friends,

If someone is interested in watching the articles from a category
this is a painfull job.

Solutions: alternatively to the actual display of a category it
should be possible

a) to show the newest changes of the articles of a category in a
similar way manner as "My contributions", "My watchlist"; the
newest changes should be displayed first;

b) to limit the content of (some) special pages (as categories,
users, all sort of "... pages" and so on) with a "Startig from"
and "Until input" mask; this would save both database resources
and user time as well;

Regards Reinhardt

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Recentchangeslinked/Category:Dog_breeds

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rowan.collins wrote:

I'm marking this as a duplicate of bug 144, because that describes point (a) in
your report - the display of all changes that have occurred to pages in a
particular category. I'm not quite sure what your point (b) is referring to - do
you mean something similar to bug 516? most time-based pages (Special:Watchlist,
Special:Recentchanges, Special:Recentchangeslinked, etc) already have the
ability to browse through page by page, although the cut-offs are generally
number-based, not time-based.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 144 ***

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gangleri wrote:

b) I think about tasks which could be done periodicaly.
I start with article names / category names from "A" to "Czzzz" one day and
want to handle articles /categories from "D" to "Gzzzzz" next time. This way
less "objects" are shown.

In a wider sense this could help seeing below "the 500 limit" as activated
now for "My contributions", "My watchlist" ...

Regards Reinhardt

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rowan.collins wrote:

Special:Contributions has no limit; it lists all contributions of the given
user, page by page; you can even change the number per page. Special:Watchlist
and Special:Recentchanges use a slightly different approach, mainly because of
the way they pull information from the database; they always have "now" at the
top, but you can choose how far back they go using the links at the top. Pages
such as Special:Allpages are indeed split by letter ([[Special:Allpages/Foo]]
shows a screenful starting with "Foo"); Special:Categories currently doesn't but
probably should - currently, it just has links to the next page ("next X") and
how many per page ("X") like page histories and Special:Contributions do.

In other words, most generated lists do in fact have the ability to choose the
limits within which to display. Special:Whatlinkshere doesn't, which is bug 78;
Special:Categories could probably do with being more like Special:Allpages, for
which I have filed bug 844

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robchur wrote:

*** Bug 4605 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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