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Upgrade Istio & Knative on sandbox cluster
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The sandbox cluster is running Istio v1.5.7 and Knative v0.11.2
We are targeting Istio 1.6.2 and Knative v0.18 in production.

Let's try to upgrade and see if we run into any issues.

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Since we are building our own docker images (that will be publicly exposed via our registry) I think it would be great if we could use them (once ready) to have a quick feedback if they work or not. This may impair our ability to work on the sandbox so it may not be great, let's discuss it!

Spun up a new VM running Kubeflow v1.3:

k8s: 1.16
istio: 1.9.0
knative: v0.14.3
kfserving: v0.5.1

Kubeflow v.1.3 fully supports on-prem installs, however there is a big API jump for KFServing and Istio. We might be better off targeting these newer versions to avoid getting stuck on an older API.

@ACraze we are aiming to target Istio 1.6.x and knative 0.18 following T278194#6964746, but we can always try different combinations. My fear is that we'll have to move to Kubernetes 1.20 sooner rather than later to have more freedom in the medium/long term :(